** Winter Recap at Cub Creek! **
The Quarterly Cub Creek Newsletter:)

Firstly, Happy New Year?! Wow...we know...it's MARCH! *Time has been FLYING for us.* There's been some changes and lots of work going on around here. Let’s get caught up with this Winter (it's almost Spring) Newsletter!

A different kind of "New" Year...

Here we are, mid-March and we haven’t attended a single camp fair! That is so bizarre to us. By this time of year, our team would have already been to 3 Camp Fairs in Missouri and a 4th in Nashville, Tennessee. That has been a dramatic shift for our team and for camp as a business. This is typically a time for a huge influx of brochure requests, camp inquiries, and registrations. We are happy to say though that camp is still going strong and that sessions are filling! ( To see the most recent Availability Calendar, click here.)


Winter Weather x 100
Like most of you out there, we had a very Wintery winter! So much snow and tempertaures at crazy lows! It's not abnormal for us to be moving some of our animal inside to keep them safe from severe lows (-4 degrees one morning!). And we're always ready to herd alpacas and emus inside, create indoor beds of hay for all the pigs, and turn the barn into a sheep, goat, and mini horse playground!
This picture is of Goldfish Pond. In the summer, this is the pond you always walk by during check-in on your way to the campstore. See her here in all her glory- frozen on top with a thick layer of snow on that! *Beauty*
Babies- Round 1 :)

Right now, we've got two baby wallabies in-pouch. Both Juniper and Fern are expecting! Last week, we welcomed a baby porcupine to the Cub Creek Family. Born to Spike and Poppy, she will be raised by Makayla, our Animal Team Coordinator. This is just the start of baby season, any time now we'll be seeing 2021's baby lemurs!
Changes in the Cub Creek Team :(

Last year, we said farewell to an anmazing team member, Holly Conner, our wonderful and sweet Office Assistant and Wellness Coordinator. She started at camp in 2017 as a camp counselor in the cabin Arizona. Over the years, she has joined us in the summers as a Village Leader, and as Wellness Coordinator. In 2019, she transitioned to a full-time position in our office. She took great pleasure in answering your camp questions and helping you prepapre for camp. Holly has moved closer to her hometown and her passion for childhood development has led her to a new job! She loved Cub Creek and the campers here. She will be SO missed.
Hiring 2021!

We are hiring for our 2021 Team! If you know someone who you
think would be an amazing camp counselor, let them know to apply!
If you are reading this and you have an aged-out camper (or
you, yourself are an aged out camper) here are some tips:
  • Information about working at camp can be found via this link: https://cubcreeksciencecamp.com/join-our-team/thinking-about-a-summer-job/. This page on the website (under Join Our team) talks about the positions at camp, minimum requirements, and when read in full- should answer most questions.
  • We prefer that our staff work with us all summer (May to Aug). That is both for the benefit of our campers and for the staff themselves. However, we understand this isn't feasible for everyone. What is most important is that you can attend Staff Training for its entirety- from there we can discuss the length of anyone's contract.
  • Send an email! If there are questions and you read all the information on the website, talk to us!
  • Lastly...and this is the most awkward one: As your child transitions from being a camper to an employee, we must also transition from talking to you to talking directly to them (applicant). We encourage all interested applicants to reach out with their questions, apply, set up their interviews, and prepare for camp on their own.
Okay! That's it! We're all caught up!
We are so ready for consistent, warmer weather. Are you, too? We're so close to Spring!
We'll see you again soon :)
- The Cub Creek Team
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